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I personally used Yaeger CPA Review to pass the CPA Exam, including scoring a 92 on Regulation.

Five Reasons why Yaeger CPA Review is the best CPA Exam course on the market: Yaeger CPA Review

1. Active learning.

I get bored very easily and Yaeger kept me engaged. Yaeger isn't a book-highlighting course. In fact, I didn't highlight anything in my book.

Instead, Yaeger has you taking fast and furious notes. You DON'T have to read the Wiley CPA Review book with Yaeger because they weed out the stuff you don't need to know, but if they say it - WRITE IT DOWN. This was a big plus with me because I hate reading textbooks. Yaeger CPA

2. Application.

They lecture for 3-5 minutes and jump to immediate application of what you just learned using previous CPA Exam questions instead of learning an hour of theory and waiting to use what you just learned. By the time you have finished the HomeStudy, you have literally worked hundreds of questions with the instructor.

3. Have a question? You have access to your instructor.

You get access to the CPAs teaching you the material. You even have access to the owner of the company. What other company does this? It's not because they don't have a lot students because my site has a lot of readers and there are a lot of converts on there praising Yaeger's system. The fact of the matter is that Phil answers questions 7 days a week - even on vacation. yaeger cpa review coupon codes

There was a time when I was struggling on Regulation with Like-Kind Exchanges involving swapping of liabilities. I was struggling, so I called Phil Yaeger and he walked me through it. Phil gladly does this with any of his students, which is simply unheard of today.

Try calling up the lead instructor for company _______ and getting someone wearing a headset that likely has never even taken an accounting course.

4. Best instructors in the industry.

Yaeger's list of instructors blow everyone out of the water credential-wise. CPA/CMA/CIA/MBA/PhD - their instructors have all of the credentials covered and all are either current or former college professors and know how to effectively teach students.

Compare the credentials of Yaeger's instructors to those of any other course. There really isn't a comparison.

5. Value.

The Yaeger HomeStudy comes with a full set of teaching videos - either in DVD or USB format, books, practice software, instructor handouts, and instructor hotline - everything you need to PASS the CPA Exam.

It is hands-down the best value in CPA Review on the market.